Class Descriptions

Preschool Classes

Our preschool classes build confidence, coordination, and social skills through movement and play.  Basic dance concepts are introduced.

Combo Classes

Combo classes include a mix of disciplines, such as tap, ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and contemporary.  They provide a foundation for students to work from as they advance.

Level Classes

As students gain skill, more time is dedicated to each form of dance, and students begin to take classes devoted solely to a single dance style.  Levels are based on a combination of skill and age.

Advanced Classes

Students explore more complex and abstract concepts, more technically challenging material, and advanced performance skills.

Adult Classes

Adult classes are based on demand, and include fitness, ballroom dancing, boot camps, and Zumba.

Invitation Pieces

Dancers who show particular dedication may be invited to dance in specially choreographed works.

Dance Performance Companies

We have three dance performance companies, ArtillumA Dance Innovations, ArtillumA Dance Kidz, and ArtillumA Dance Faculty

Competition Teams

ArtillumA Dance Team has two parts, the Senior and Junior teams.